Dear Colleagues
IPC has released 5 new standards since December 2020 to help the electronics manufacturing industry build electronics better. Add these to your library of standards and stay ahead of the competition by using the most current standards from IPC.

IPC-1782A, Standard for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Traceability of Electronic Products - Establishes minimum requirements for manufacturing and supply chain traceability based on perceived risk for all products, processes, assemblies, parts, components, equipment, and other items used in the manufacture of printed board assemblies and in mechanical assembly.

IPC-2551, International Standard for Digital Twins - The IPC Digital Twin, is comprised of the Digital Twin Product, Digital Twin Manufacturing and Digital Twin Lifecycle frameworks. The standard stipulates and defines Digital Twin properties, types, complexities, and readiness levels.

IPC-6902, Qualification and Performance Specification for Printed Electronics on Flexible Substrates - Establishes and defines the qualification and performance requirements for printed electronics and the forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures on flexible substrates. IPC-9257 should be purchased along with this standard.

IPC-7093A, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination Components (BTCs) - Provides essential design and assembly guidance for implementing bottom termination components (BTCs) as well as guidelines on critical design, materials, assembly, inspection, repair, quality, and reliability issues associated with BTCs.

IPC-9257, Requirements for Electrical Testing of Flexible Printed Electronics - Assists in selecting the test equipment, test parameters, test data and fixturing required to perform electrical test(s) on flexible printed electronics. IPC-6902 should be purchased along with this standard.

If you are missing any of the standards listed above, you can order online by visiting the IPC Online Store. Have questions about using a PO to order standards send them to